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First, a huge thank you to everyone who helped make the cover reveal for Tremble so awesome. You guys are amazing and I love each and everyone one of you for it! I hope everyone loves the book as much as it’s swoon-worthy cover 😉


Next up, the Arc contest! There are very few print ARCs floating around and I’m so happy to be able to give one away!

Here’s the deal.

When: April 11th – April 19th
Winners chosen: Each entry will be assigned a number and the winners will be chosen using an RNG. Winners will be notified by email by Monday April 22nd. Please note that I do not have the books and will be notifying one of Entangled’s publicists to send it out.
What: Fan art contest
Prize: 1st place will get the golden ARC! 2nd place will receive an awesome swag pack.

Now for the nitty gritty. This is not a contest about skill. It’s about imagination. Anything is fair game so long as it’s done with imagination.

Photo manipulation, book trailers, sketches–the sky is the limit. Have a fave Dez and Kale saying? Show me. Have an idea for an alternate cover for one of the books. Let’s see it. Dying to see stick figures play out the epic battle scene at the end of Touch? Go for it! Anything goes.

You can tweet your creation, as well as put it up on your facebook page (but be sure to tag me or you won’t be entered into the drawing!). You can also post a link in the comment section below or you can email me your masterpiece.



4 responses to “Win an ARC of Tremble!”

  1. Amanda says:

    When is the fourth (A Denazen Novel) book coming out?!?! I’m dying! Please let me know what you think!

    • Excited Fan says:

      Please Jus, I am starting the series but am wondering if the wait for books 4 and 5 will be too much to handle! Any rough ideas would be a God send!!!

      • jusaccardo says:

        Oops. Sorry guys. Old post so I didn’t see this 🙂 As for the fourth Denazen book, I haven’t been given a date yet, BUT… There will be Denazen series news coming soon so keep your peepers peeled 😀

  2. DanielleCerda says:

    So…..any news on a title or release date for Denazen Book 4? I am dying here!!!!!

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