What word begins with W and ends with R…

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You thought I meant Writer, right?

Nope. It’s Waiter.

And I’m not talking about the good kind. You know, the kind that comes bearing noms? No. This is the pace a trench in your floor, gnoshing off the inside of your lip kind of waiter. I know it can get confusing. 6 letters. Both words begin with a W and end in an R… If you look at them really fast, the almost look like the same word! Unfortunately for the impatient—the MEs of the world—they go hand in hand. The perfect couple destined to be together—for better or worse.

In my debut, TOUCH, Kale loathes the word complicated. Hates it. Doesn’t quite understand or know what to do with it. Like Kale, I also loathe a word.


No matter what point in your writing career you’re at, from the moment you type The End, you’re waiting.

Waiting for CP feedback.

Query responses.

Editor responses.


Chickens to fly and pigs to sing.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. It’s always going to be something.

For me, this kind of sucks. My mom jokes that I picked the wrong profession, because the ugly truth is, I’m the worst waiter in the known universe. Seriously. I should get a t-shirt printed and walk around wearing a little red name tag. I’m impatient before there’s anything to be impatient about. So with that in mind, what I’m about to say seems kind of backward.


It’s okay to wait. Really. After it’s all said and done, it’s so, so worth it. Well, in most cases. Waiting at the end of a long line after drinking a gallon of coffee, not so much.

But the writer/waiter thing? Totally.




6 responses to “What word begins with W and ends with R…”

  1. Petra says:

    I’m a very impatient person as well. I don’t know how writers can stand it. By the time I’m finding out about a book, it’s usually been in the works for years while the author has to wait.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. ella.gray says:

    Yeah, waiting stinks. Especially waiting for a book to release that you’ve been hearing about forever and you know is going to be great. Is it November yet, so I can finally get my hands on a copy of Touch? LOL, I’m sure it’s even harder for you. Not long now! 

  3. Trothgard says:

    You know when I saw this on FB I thought of the shortest answer: war…

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