Twas The Night Before Nano

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Today is Halloween. But, also the night before NaNo (Nation Novel Writing Month) begins. During the month of November, writers cheer each other on as we all book toward a 50k word goal. It’s motivating and fun. I wrote this a few years back to cheer my crit partners on, and every Halloween, I post it. So, here we go again 😉

Happy, plentiful Words, Nano peeps!

Twas the Night Before NaNo

Twas the night before NaNo, and all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even the spouse

The pages were stacked by the laptop with care

With hopes that a contract would soon be there

The writers were snuggled, all warm in their beds

As visions of royalties danced through their heads

I with my coffee, and my crit partner with her mints

Had just settled in for the mother of all sprints

When inside my kitchen, there arose such a clatter

I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter

Through the hall, tripping over the trash

I skidded to a stop and saw a bright flash

The clock on the wall gave quite a show

The Cuckoos dancing to let me know

The hour was close, she soon would be here

It was time for the NaNo fairy to appear

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