TOXIC and UNTOUCHED update (plus some other cool stuffs)

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So a lot has been happening, and I’ve got tons of news to share.

First off, I will be attending the RT conference in Chicago in the beginning of April. I’ll be signing copies of TOUCH, and for those of you interested in attending The Entangled Candy and Spoons Event on Saturday, I’ll be there too. Hanging out, munching some chocolate, oh…and signing ARCS of TOXIC. For those at the event, there will be a limited number of TOXIC ARCs available. I can sign them…or doodle on them–but I warn you. I’m not very good. Unless you count stick figures… In which case, I ROCK.

Also, some of you may already know, TOUCH is being re-released in mass market, and will contain additional scenes from Kale’s point of view. This is huge and I couldn’t be more giddy! What this means is, not only will TOUCH will be released in mass market size, but it will be everywhere. Yep. You heard me. On June 12th, you’ll be able to hop on into your local Barnes and Noble and snatch up Kale and all his hottness.

Since the books will now be going through a distributor, things will work a little differently. There’s a bit more involved in getting them out there to the stores, and as a result, the release date of TOXIC has moved back a bit. TOXIC will be available in stores on September 11th, with the third book in the series available on January 15 2013. In between them will be another novella (November) centering on someone who is not Dez or Kale. I could tell you who, but that wouldn’t be any fun, would it? Just kidding. I’m not that evil. I’ll be announcing it in a week or so 😉

The release date of UNTOUCHED has also been moved back–but only a smidge! It will now be available on March 26th.

But no worries! There will be plenty to fill the Kale-sized emptiness. By the end of next week, I’ll have a blurb for UNTOUCHED to share, and there will be quotes, as well as the first chapter of TOXIC following shortly after. There will be contests and swag, and possibly even some deleted scenes. I promise I will not leave you Kaleless!

So all that having been said, I’m sorry for the date change. Unfortunately, it’s not something I have any amount of control over, but think of it this way… More time = more Kale!

I might be a bit bias, but that’s an epic win in my book 😉





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  1. Kristina says:

    Congratulations on Toxic being released that so so awesome to hear even if it means we have to wait longer.

  2. I’m looking forward to meeting you on Teen Day! It’s less than 2 months away! YAY! And TOXIC! AHHHHH! I will wait as long as it takes to get more books from you. 🙂 And yes, I will be buying one of those mass market paperbacks! Congrats on having your books in-stores! Thank you for all of the updates! 

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