What They're Saying...

“Electrifying in its intensity, beautifully executed, this novel is non-stop action from the first page to the last sentence. he vivid characterizations and world-building begun in this novel further enhance the already engaging storyline. I am thrilled that more adventures are in the works.”

Laurie – Coffee Time Romance (read the full review here)

“I love it when you don’t know what to expect from a book and it ends up being awesome.”

Giselle – Xpresso Reads (read the full review here)

“Touch is the first book in the Denazen series and had me glued to the pages from the first to the very last.”

Sharon – Obsession With Books (read the full review here)

“For an older woman that loves YA fiction of all types, even Stephenie Meyers “Twilight” Series did not have me near as impressed nor as excited to read more as this book does.”

–Kitty Bullard – Great Minds Think Aloud Literary Community (Read the full review here)

“The characters are fearless and everything about the story was very believable. I would love to see Touch become a TV series or a movie. A MUST READ!”

Damaris – Good Choice Reading (read the full review here)

“It. Blew. Me. Away. In the heart-stopping-can’t-put-this-book-down-what’s-sleep? kind of way. And I’m calling it, this will make one of my top 2011 books easily.”

Brenna – Esther’s Ever After (read the full review here)

“I highly recommend this book. Like highly recommend this book. The writing is amazing, the characters are spectacular, the story is unique and the relationships are so addicting.”

Jessica – Step Into Fiction (read the full review here)

“This book epitomizes “epic-ness at its pinnacle”; It is an electrifying, stunning debut.”

Cyp – A Bookalicious Story (read the full review here)