Did someone mention a TOXIC teaser?

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Really. Just, wow.

You guys are amazing. I can’t thank you enough for all the TOUCH love I’ve seen over the last few days. I promised a TOXIC teaser, so without further fluff, here it is 🙂


She stopped in the middle of the room, plastic cup filled with the usual red liquid—fruit punch—in hand, and smiled. “I have a gift for you, Kale.”

The redheaded girl strolled out from behind Ginger, head held high. Her eyes immediately found Kale. And stayed there.

I didn’t like her.

“This is Jade,” Ginger said, nudging the girl forward. She pointed to me and said, “This is Deznee Cross, Sue’s daughter. And this,” she said nodding to Kale as he rose from his chair, “is Kale. He’s the reason you’re here.”

“Okay, stomp the breaks and back the hell up. You’re giving my boyfriend a redhead as a gift? That’s uncool—not to mention illegal.”

Kale tilted his head. He looked from Jade to me, frowning. “You don’t like her.”

It wasn’t a question—he was stating the obvious. Or, what he thought was the obvious—which in this case just happened to be the truth. We were still working on the right and wrong times to say things. This was one of the bigger hurdles. Kale didn’t believe in hiding anything. If it was on your mind, you said it. If it was the truth, you went with it. Social acceptability was a lost cause with him.

“I don’t know her, so I can’t dislike her.” I wanted to add yet, but kept my trap closed. I wasn’t hard to get along with—quite the opposite actually. I was fun and easy going—unless you were looking at my guy like he was a big juicy slab of prime rib with a side of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Which, just in case there was any confusion, she totally was.


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5 responses to “Did someone mention a TOXIC teaser?”

  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! I love these 2!!! I can’t wait to get more love in Untouched! Less than two more weeks! September is a long way away though!!! I can do it! I’ll just keep re-reading Touch…

  2. Kristina says:

    Oh I want want want!!! Will there be review copies available?! 

  3. Pavan says:

    OH MY GOSH THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Aaah can’t wait to Untouched and TOXIC!!!!!

  4. byjamiemanning says:

    That was SO GOOD! KALE!!!!! Ahem. 
    Thank you for the tease, Jus! 🙂

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