The Saturday Sing Along – Ke$ha – Blow

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The Saturday Sing Along is where we come together to share the beats pounding in our brains. Got a song you just can’t get out of your head? Find the perfect tune for your current WIP? Leave a comment and share your favorites!


Today’s song is from TOXIC’s playlist. Plus rainbow ray guns and freaky unicorns? WinWin 😀



2 responses to “The Saturday Sing Along – Ke$ha – Blow”

  1. Kelley York says:

    Ke$ha is SO adorable. This is by far her best video, in my opinion. 😉 (The part with the bras cracks me up every time.)

  2. Jus Accardo says:

    OMG, right? The expression on her face when he whips is out is classic!

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