The Saturday Sing Along – HelenaMaria – Love the Way You Lie – Eminem feat. Rihanna (HelenaMaria Cover)

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The Saturday Sing Along is where we come together to share the beats pounding in our brains. Got a song you just can’t get out of your head? Find the perfect tune for your current WIP? Leave a comment and share your favorites!

I saw this yesterday in my facebook feed and fell in love.  These girls have an awesome voice and you should all check them out!

Normally If I cant get the video to show, I move on.  But because these girls are just so seriously awesome, I’m linking it.

HelenaMaria – Love the Way You Lie- Eminem feat. Rihanna (HelenaMaria Cover)

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  1. Christa Desir says:

    I so very much love this. I wasn’t the girl that fit in or the girl that could hang with guys and fight. I was the smart one who people couldn’t figure out. I could show up to anything or nothing and it wouldn’t matter. I didn’t go to any dances. I answered questions in class and found the bottom-feeding guys who were just looking for a warm body to mess around with. I wish I could have done ass-kicking. I learned to kickbox in my 20’s and felt like it changed my life. 
    I am proud of girls like you, J. Truly. I hope my daughter fights instead of gets in line. But I also know that is the harder of the two journeys. Glad you are so happy now.

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