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He ran his index finger from my thigh, just below the hem of my shorts, down to my knee.  It left a trail of fire in its wake.  “I don’t deserve this.”

For the second time in twenty-four hours, tears came easily.  “Stop it,” I whispered.  I didn’t know what this was, but the lump in my throat and the heat building in the pit of my stomach told me I needed to find out.

I sat up and faced him.  With his eyes on me, so sad, I couldn’t take it.  I climbed into his lap and, resting my forehead against his for a moment, inhaled the scent of him.  Earthy.  Like the woods after a long rain.  My arms slipped around his shoulders and my lips found his.  The kiss was tentative at first—brief.  I pulled away so I could see his face.  I’d had a lot of guys look at me like I was a fun vacation on the beach, but the way Kale was looking at me then, ice blue eyes full of heat, I felt like Christmas morning.  Timeless.  Perfect.

It made me want more.  I leaned in again, but this time Kale met me halfway.  Strong arms locked around my waist, dragging me closer.  His mouth moved with mine and twice our teeth clinked, but I didn’t care.  When Alex first kissed me, our teeth had banged together.  It made my skin crawl.  Now, it didn’t matter.  Kale’s hands were everywhere—my neck, my face, under the back of my tank top—anywhere he could make skin-to-skin contact.

I drew his bottom lip in and nibbled.  God, he tasted good.  Like root beer and heat and something unique.  Something all Kale.  His fingers clutched the sides of my face, sliding up to tangle in my hair.  I broke away once again—despite his protests—and pulled off my tank top.  He watched me, eyes an even mix of raw heat and childlike wonder.

“I don’t deserve to feel like this,” he said again, voice cracking.  “Not after everything I’ve done.”

“Come here,” I whispered.  When he managed a sitting position, I pulled his shirt up over his head and ran my hands down his neck and across his shoulders.  I wondered if he’d been given a place to work out, because he was in good shape.  I trailed my index finger down the middle of his chest and fought back a shiver.  Really good shape.

With each touch, his breath quickened.  I could feel his heartbeat hammering inside his chest as he clung to me, almost as if he was terrified I’d let go.

Kale sucked in a sharp breath.  Eyes wide, he brought his hands from my face to my bare throat.  His touch, like electric current, slid down my neck and over my shoulders, then down each of my arms.  I arched my back as he struggled to pull me closer, nails scraping bare skin in desperation.  I resisted with a sly smile—just to see what he’d do—and I wasn’t disappointed.

“Please,” he rasped as he dragged me down and rolled me onto my back.  “Please…”

I opened my mouth to tell him he didn’t need to beg, that I wanted this as much as he did, but his actions stopped me.  Lowering himself back down, he slid one arm under the hollow of my back, the other resting across my chest.  He nuzzled into my stomach, one arm behind my back, the other tentatively exploring my chest.  A soft noise escaped his throat.

The wind outside picked up as Kale’s breathing evened.  I wrapped my arms around him and closed my eyes.

“I understand now, Dez,” he whispered sleepily.  “I understand the hand thing.”

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  2. This is awesome, Jus. Hot, but really sweet at the same time. Kale is such a stud. 🙂

  3. Heather Howland says:

    I love, love, love this scene!

  4. Kat Owens says:

    Super hot scene, and also really well crafted. Well written!

  5. AE Rought says:

    WOW. Must. Have. MORE!!!

  6. Lm Preston says:

    Wowsa! That is soooooooooo smokin! That’s YA? Uhum, where can I buy this?!

  7. Erica Olson says:

    Wondered whether he’d been given a place to work out?? Hmm, makes me wonder where they are!

    That was one smoky scene!

  8. Jessie harrell says:

    definitely need to break out my fan for this one – smoking! and what’s “the hand thing”? – I’m dying to know

  9. Oh, wow! Very swoon worthy. I’m going to have to roll around in the snow now to cool off. 😉

  10. Liz Czukas says:

    I think I want to marry these lines: “I’d had a lot of guys look at me like I was a fun vacation on the beach, but the way Kale was looking at me then, ice blue eyes full of heat, I felt like Christmas morning.”


    – Liz

  11. Jessica Lei says:

    Great writing and a great scene 😀 Confused by the last line, but I bet I’m supposed to be. I love that she kind of took charge here, too. Thanks for sharing!

  12. The MC comparing the way guys look at her to a period/place is something I’ve never seen before, and it works so well. Plus the way it’s structured is great, the long sentence followed by two one word sentences for emphasis, nice. I love that this scene started off slow and sweet (with authentic teeth banging teen kissing) then became super steamy, and the turn at the end where Kale brought it back to being sweet– I’m definitely getting a feeling for what he’s like. I also loved the desperation of Kale’s hands everywhere, you can feel how much he wants her. This is definitely a swoon worthy scene, phew.
    – Sophia.

  13. Wow! Just, wow! Love this. Made me a fan with “I resisted with a sly smile– just to see what he’d do…” That and the hand thing. Sounds like a paranormal?

  14. Marie says:

    I call a foul here! Tease! 🙂 Wonderful buildup. Your Kale is hothothot. I would read more (and before, heck I’d read it all).


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