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Posted May 25 2017, 9:28 am

So I missed March and April. Bad me. You’ll all be pleased to know that my punishment included three whole days without coffee. Now in the vein of transparency, that was mainly because I ran out of cream and was too lazy-busy-ect to go out and get more, but hey. It was torture.

Anyway, I’m here now and have handed in the last book in the Infinity Division series, ALPHA. I believe it will release early next summer (I haven’t been given a solid date yet and still has to have editor magic worked on it). Book two is out on August first. ARCs should be going out soon and Noah Anderson will be out in the world!


I’m working on several other new things right now. One is a YA urban fantasy romance (my original love is UF) and the other is a fairy tale retelling. Both are in the very early stages, but I’m equally excited about them! Hopefully I’ll have more to tell you soon 😉 I also have a completed YA scifi in the wind and hope to have news to share on that soon!

I know a lot of you are still waiting to hear on the Denazen front (hello forty foot purple elephant in the room) and I wish I had more solid news, but I don’t. Not yet. I’m not sure what’s happening. I believe they still want to publish it, but there are a few more Is to dot and Ts to cross before that can happen. Trust me though, I am JUST as eager as you are. I really feel like this turned out to be the best book in the series (maybe because it’s got all sorts of twists and turns hidden beneath all the answers to those burning little questions that needed answering). I am dying for everyone to read it. I sincerely want to thank everyone for hanging in there with me during the lag time. I know it’s frustrating.

On a completely unrelated note (though, maybe not) I’ve been thinking of doing a daily Q&A video. Readers would email me their questions and I’d answer them on video–sadly I can’t do live at the moment due to my horrific internet. I’d do one (or possibly more depending on response) a day. What do you guys think? Sound interesting? Anyone feel like shooting me some questions? Nothing is off limits–though I can’t give major spoilers about Denazen #4. I’d be willing to answer general questions about it though!




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  1. Thusha says:

    Hey I loved the Infinity book so much!!!! I read last year but now i’m excited to read the second book. I was just wondering if that’s going to be the last book please say no.

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