Road Tripping With Entangled Teen – Welcome to Parkview

Posted Mar 16 2020, 8:04 am

You know what sounds awesome right about now?

A road trip!

Each day, a different Entangled YA author will be hosting a stop on this crazy ride, along with an awesome giveaway. Make sure you visit each location so you don’t miss any of the fun.

For today’s destination, we’re hitting Parkview, home of the Denazen series. Its a small fictional town in upstate New York, home to a host of colorful–and powerful–characters. At first glance, Parkview is a sleepy suburban hideaway full of white picket fences and flocks of pink lawn flamingos. But dig deeper and you’ll find an underground rave scene that borders on dangerous, more deadly secrets than you can count, and an epicenter for people with extraordinary abilities. In short, Parkview is an exciting town to visit…but you might not want to live there.

Transcendent, the fourth and final book in the Denazen series came out earlier this month.


Want a peek at Transcendent? Read on 😉


“Come on,” I said, playfully pulling him into the shade of the large tree. “You’re living the dream, dude. Your girlfriend can look like anyone in the world. From porn star princess to sexy librarian in the blink of an eye.”

He pulled away and slid his glasses down a hair, eyes on mine. A spike of heat rocked through me. “My girlfriend is perfect. Body, face, hair”—his lips curled upward—“and attitude.”

I couldn’t hold back my grin. I knew that’s what he’d say, and holy shit was it hot. Glancing to the right, and then to the left, I let go of my mimic, standing in front of him as myself. The original, the one and only. “Better?”

Appreciation sparkled in his eyes, warring with the frown that creased his lips. “You shouldn’t look like that in public.”

I grabbed the front of his hoodie and tugged him close. “How else am I going to get you to kiss me?”

His lips twitched, blooming into a smile he reserved just for me. A little bit innocent, a little bit mischievous—and hella sexy. It undid me every damn time. I rose onto my toes and brushed my lips to his. Warm, soft, heaven on earth. He responded enthusiastically, tugging me farther into the shadows of the tree, then reversing our positions. With my back against the trunk, he brought both arms up, placing them next to either side of my head. A shield, I realized. So there was no chance anyone passing by could see my face.

God, I freaking loved this guy.

His hands were occupied, but that didn’t mean mine had to be bored. I slipped them around his back and beneath the hem of his hoodie, fingers searching for bare skin. I found it and Kale inhaled sharply, deepening the kiss and sighing in a way that brought new meaning to the word contentment.

My thumb nail grazed the center of his spine, just above his tailbone. It was where the edge of his new tattoo lay, the outer rim of dark mist that subtly spelled my name spilling from a reaper’s scythe. He’d gotten it in early March, two days after I’d been given the Supremacy cure.

Arms still against the tree, his fingertips played in my hair. The sensation as they moved, lightly grazing my scalp, brought goosebumps to my skin.

I sighed, melting against him, and he chuckled. “I love when you do that,” He whispered against my neck.

Make sure you join us on Entangled Teen’s facebook page Wednesday March 25th at 9 p.m. EST for the big finale! During the party, I’ll be giving away an ebook copy of one of the books in the Denazen series (winner’s choice!)


Be sure to check out A.K Wilder’s stop (bonus you get a peek at her awesome upcoming book, CROWN OF BONES)


Stops along the way…


March 16 – Jus Accardo
March 16 – AK Wilder
March 17 – Cookie O’Gorman
March 17 – Lindsey Duga
March 18 – Katie Delahanty
March 18 – T.H. Hernandez 
March 19 – Chris Cannon
March 19 – Barb Han
March 20 – Lisa Brown Roberts
March 20 – Marlene Perez
March 21 – Pintip Dunn
March 22 – Brenda Drake 
March 23 – Kelly Anne Blount
March 24 – Emily McKay
March 25 – Entangled Teen Facebook Event at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST 

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