My return to the land of the living

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I’ve put this post off for over a week now, worried that, like so many times before, something would happen to steal away this newfound feeling of lightness. Of peace. But, I think it’s time to accept that we’ve been granted a miracle. A disastrous and seriously disheartening post-chemo PET scan for my Mom turned things bleak for several weeks. The doctors believed they’d found more cancer. But it turned out they were wrong. I am thrilled to say that as of this moment, she is CANCER FREE.

That was the amazing news. Now for a bit of reality. I’ve gotten so many emails since this all started, one of which stood out so boldly from the rest. A reader who’d connected with me shortly before my last update stated that she hadn’t looked me up to be depressed and that these things should be kept private. I thought about this for a while, and for the most part, I’m usually an extremely private person.


Cancer is a continuous string of super highs and devastating lows. Even the smallest victory—or defeat—can have a profound impact on your entire world. This disease is a life changing rollercoaster that has no end. The support you need to get through something like this is monumental. Everything from a quick phone call from your oldest friend to an email of commiseration from a stranger. Or, maybe a post from someone who might be going through something similar. My point? There’s always someone out there going through something similar. And sometimes it helps to hear/see/read that. To feel connected.

Over the better part of a year I’ve become much more of an expert on cancer and cancer care than I ever wanted. It’s been a truly telling and eye opening experience. People we thought would stand by our side were nowhere to be found, while others, people who hadn’t been in our lives very long, were sources of immense strength. I’m floored by the people I’ve met, and the emails I’ve received. To me, this justifies my updates. They don’t showcase weakness. They display reality.

So I thank you. For your support and uplifting messages. For your prayers and good thoughts. And to all the cancer warriors and their families out there—the ones I’ve had the honor of meeting and those who I have not—you remain the awe inspiring embodiment of true strength and epic determination. You are fighters and I love you all.

I know I’ve lost touch with many of you, and that my work time has suffered. But, I hope that you’ll stick with me as I make my way back to the land of the living—both real and fictional.


Change someone’s life. Volunteer. Donate. Get involved.

The American Cancer Society.

Fuck Cancer

Bonnie Boxes




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  1. Virginia says:

    Through your books you became some sort of a dear friend for your readers and I’m sure a lot of us was really concerned about all that was going on. I’m really happy in reading things are going good for your mom but I had no doubt, after all she is the living and breathing manifestation of Klaire Darker, isn’t she? She must be a fighter!

  2. Helen Evans says:

    As a cancer survivor, I admire your tenacity and love for your mother – keep going and know it’s never in vain.

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