Going to RT? Check Out the Entangled Scavenger Hunt!

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Yes. You read that right.

Scavenger Hunt.

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt!?

23 awesome Entangled authors are going to be prowling the halls at RT, just waiting for you to find them. We’ve got oodles of prizes and seriously cannot wait to meet you all!


RULES: 23 participating Entangled Publishing authors* want to meet YOU! See all the pretty book covers on this flyer? ALL the authors of those books will be hanging out at RT and each of us will be armed with a ton of little personalized stickers (YAY! Stickers!). Find each one of us and we’ll affix our special sticker to your flyer. Save Christine Bell for last since she’s the keeper of the prizes. Show her all 23 unique stickers and you’ve completed the hunt. First 3 people to get all 23 stickers wins!

*hint* We’ll be wearing our stickers on our name tags to help you find us, but scour any Entangled events or panels to find a bunch of us in one place!

Once all prizes have been claimed, we’ll announce the winners & the end of the contest on Twitter (hashtag #EntangledHunt). If no one collects all 23 stickers by Sat. 5/4 at 10 p.m., we’ll extend a Twitter invitation for you to take a picture or scan your Scavenger Hunt flyer with stickers clearly visible & email or tweet it to us within 24 hrs. The 3 entrants with the MOST stickers will be our winners & prizes will be mailed. In the event of a tie, prizes will be awarded in the order that the pictures are received.

Now for the loot!

1st Prize: $300 Amazon/BN/Kobo/any e-book retailer gift card. Can be used for anything the winner would like, including an be-reader, tablet, books and more.

2nd Prize: A Kindle Fire & eBooks from all the participating authors. Kindle will be given to the winner at RT. Winner will provide an email address so that each author can gift a copy of their e-book via Amazon to them (See all the books included on the back of this flyer).

3rd Prize: $50 Gift Card from e-book seller of winner’s choice.

*Additional awesome * Spot Giveaways: In addition to the above prizes, each of the 23 participating authors will be doing two spot giveaways during RT. Follow our hashtag on Twitter (#EntangledHunt) as each day, more than a dozen authors will tweet their location at the conference and a directive. Find the author first and follow their directive and YOU WIN!

I have tons of goodies to give out, so keep an eye out on twitter! Now to decide what my directive is… Any thoughts? The chicken dance? Maybe your favorite book quote?

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