Fun Stuff and a Christmas Giveaway!

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I’ve had a lot to be grateful for this past year. I’ve signed on with Entangled Publishing for an additional YA series which allows me to continue to do the thing I love, Dez and Kale are doing well (thanks to you guys!), I have an amazingly supportive family, awesome friends, and more ideas than I know what to do with.

I’ve also got a join project in the works with my awesome cp, Kate Avelynn. I’m so beyond excited to be working with her on this, and while I can’t tell you much (yeah. I know. I’m a tease), I can share with you a song Kate found. It’s the perfect inspiration for the book. It’s almost eerie. Like it was written just for us!


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So, now that I’ve dangled that juicy little carrot, it’s time for some epic! To celebrate moving forward with this awesome idea, and of course, the warm fuzzy holiday season, Kate and I are doing a mega giveaway! The winner will not only receive an ebook copy of all our books (Flawed, Touch, Untouched, and Toxic) and some cool swag, but will get the chance to name a character in the upcoming book! Name, appearance, character details. Tip to toes! The only thing we ask is that you make it realistic. No super atomic men with cannons in their chest Think contemporary YA.



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**Note that the above mentioned book is a work in progress and is not yet contracted. There is no set time frame as we will be working on this in between our current books/series.



2 responses to “Fun Stuff and a Christmas Giveaway!”

  1. Mada says:

    Happy Holidays!Just finished Toxic and I loved it, even if I wanted to kill Kale most of the time (still love him but I wish he would think about how much he hurts Dez before doing stupid things like kissing that bitch). Dez rocks and Alex is such a bad ass knight in shining armor. Can’t wait to read Tremble. I really like Aubrey. Hope we see him again in Tremble and I hope Alex won’t die 🙁 .
    I looove your books and I’m so happy Tremble it’s coming out on May 7. That’s the best Christmas present.
    How many books will be in the Denazen series?

  2. Edmiary Ayala says:

    Well… I love Dez because she’s awesomely strong and independent. Kale is so sexy and sweet and strong and just so innocent! 

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