Denazen Series Group Reread (and new reader group)

Posted Jan 29 2020, 2:56 pm

So many said they’d be interested in doing a group series reread. I love the idea!

Since time is not on my side these days, and let’s face it, anyone who knows me knows my organizational skills are worthy of the Fail Olympics. I’ve put together something super simple, open to anyone who wants to join.

I’d been debating giving another go at the whole Street Team thing, but really don’t want anything too rigid. Instead, I set up a Discord channel and would love to treat it as a reader community. Discord is an awesome app, used a lot in the gaming community. It’s a simple text and voice chat (I only use the text as my mic has long been lost, but others can use it!).

The Discord app is free and works on both computer and cell phone. Its super easy to use.

If anyone is still interested in doing a group series reread, jump into the group! We’ll set the start date for Monday the 3rd, to give people time to get in and get settled. The whole thing will be super chill and flexible since everyone reads at their own pace. I’ve made several channels, you can post favorite quotes and theories about Transcendent. Really, it’ll be a place to hang and chat books and make new friends. If there’s enough interest, maybe we’ll do monthly reading challenges.

Since it will be kind of a Street Team (but not) member perks will include advance notice of ARCs, contests, giveaways, and general awesome news. Probably even some swag 😉

Join the Discord group



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