Darker Days Preorder Pretties

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Some awesome stuff arrived on my doorstep today. These…








And these… (magnets!)









Pretty, right? But I’m thinking I ordered way too many. So starting now and going until July 19th, if you preorder Darker Days, shoot me a picture of the receipt or email me your confirmation (any proof of purchase works), and I’ll send you a signed bookmark and magnet! You guys are awesome and I continue to marvel at your support and enthusiasm. Thank you! <3 Email jusaccardo@gmail.com

(International okay!)



7 responses to “Darker Days Preorder Pretties”

  1. Jennifer G W says:

    Awesome!! Is this going to be on The Book Depository?

    • Jus Accardo says:

      Right now it’s only in ebook, and I think Book Depository stopped selling ebooks 🙁

      • Petra says:

        Do you have any plans to release it in print some time ahead? I’m not really fond of ebooks and I wnat to read this book so bad (ofc I probably will either way 😉 ).

        • jusaccardo says:

          Hey Petra 🙂 Entangled’s Digiteen line is digital first, so I believe
          they’ll release it in paperback if sells a specific number of copies in
          digital.*fingers crossed* I’m more of a paperback girl myself 😛

  2. Amy says:

    Thank you so much for the pretty bookmark and magnet, Jus!!! ^_^

  3. AllieSJay says:

    Any chance this is closer to becoming a paperback???? I already have it on ebook and really want to add it to my library. Also will there be a sequel ?

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