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We’re ready to kick off our first official Six Underground contest! The contest will run from October 12th to November 12th, and entry is super simple. Over the next 30 days, build up your point pool using any of the methods below. At the end, the top three scores win!

What do they win, you ask?

First place will receive a Denazen themed gift bag including (but not limited to) a signed copy of Touch, Toxic, and Tremble (once it’s available), complete with doodles and notes. Second place will receive a signed Touch and Toxic poster. Third place will receive a swag pack containing unique items, including, but not limited to, a Touch and Toxic key chain.

For tagging on twitter, include @JusAccardo or @AnjanaVasan, and for facebook The Denazen Series or Jus Accardo.

1.     Create a trailer for one of the books in the Denazen series. Tweet/blog/facebook and tag for points! – 40 points (limit one trailer)
2.     Create A t-shirt. Be sure to blog/tweet/facebook and tag for points! – 30 points (no limit)
3.     Create a movie poster for one of the books in the Denazen series. Tweet/blog/facebook and tag for points! – 20 points (limit one per book – Touch, Untouched, and Toxic)
4.     Create fan art-don’t be afraid to get creative. Tweet/blog/facebook and tag for points! – 15 points (limit two pieces per week)
5.     Create wallpaper, an avatar, or blog button for the series (Personally, I think we’d all love to see more I hate Jade buttons…) Tweet/blog/facebook and tag for points! – 10 points (limit 5 total contest run)
6.     An easy entry for all fans! If you’ve Pre-ordered Tremble, book 3 in the Denazen series, you can email Jus proof of purchase to gain points – 10 points  
7.     Post a picture on facebook or twitter of Touch or Toxic in the wild (this can be of you and one of the books, or one of the books at your local bookstore or library. Remember you must tag for points – 10 points (limit once per week and must be different pictures!)
8.     Post your favorite quote from one of the Denazen books on facebook or twitter and be sure to tag for points! – 5 points (limit 3 quotes per day)
9.     Blog about the Six underground (include the sign up link) and this contest. Post links in the comment section for points. – 5 points each, 10 for double post (Limit once per week)
10.     Change your avatar to one of the book covers or one of the buttons from the site found here (or one you’ve created!) – 5 points
11.     Tweet any of the following: – 2 points per tweet  (once a day each limit)
You haven’t met Kale yet? What are you waiting for! Start the Denazen series by @JusAccardo today
Looking for a new book boyfriend? Meet Kale from the Denazen series by @JusAccardo
See why everyone hates Jade. Toxic (Denazen#2) by @JusAccardo is out now!
You can look, but don’t touch. Meet Kale from @JusAccardo Denazen series

Keep track of your points! To keep tally, use this form. Submit your points once a day. Each item can be found in the drop down menu–limit 5 items per day.

This contest is open to all members of the Six Underground. Not a member? Easy to fix! Sign up here and enter the contest.

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