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Touch has sold!

This is the post that all authors dream about writing.  The one announcing that all their hard work and determination has finally paid off.  So without further fluff, I’m thrilled to announce that TOUCH has been picked up in a three book deal by Entangled Publishing for release in November 2011.

Whew.  I feel SO much better.  I’ve been sitting on that for a few days now.  It’s a miracle my head didn’t implode!

The idea for Touch born as I sat in a very long drive through line at Dunkin Donuts.  The book  was written last May during the Boot Camp event at Savvy Authors.  I was sitting in the chat room with Heather, Katy, Liz and Leslie, when Kale first tumbled down the embankment and landed at Dez’s feet.

Thank you to my CP’s, Heather Howland, Katy Upperman, and Ann Rought, who have not only been supportive, but encouraging in my quest to get Dez and Kale out into the world.  They pushed me when I needed to be pushed and listened when I needed to rant.

And a huge thank you to my awesome agent, Kevan Lyon, who believed in TOUCH (even on the days I didn’t!).

TOUCH takes first place in YA in FF&P’s OTFS Contest!

I’m happy to announce that TOUCH has placed first in FF&P’s On the Far Side Contest in YA!  A huge congrats to all the other winners and a mountain of thanks to the coordinators and judges who took the time out of their hectic schedules.  I’m very excited and truly can’t wait to introduce Dez and Kale to the world!

Touch takes First place in YA in Heartlands Show Me the Spark! contest

I’m giddy to announce that TOUCH has placed first in the YA category of Heartland’s Show Me the Spark! contest.  Congrats to everyone who entered and a big thank you to the coordinators for doing such a fabulous job of keeping us informed as we waited for the results.

Touch Finals in FF&P’s On the Far Side contest!

I’m very excited to announce that Touch, my YA paranormal romance, has finaled in FF&P’s On the Far Side contest!  A huge congrats to all the finalists.

Touch finals in Heartlands Show me the Spark Contest!

Touch has finaled in The Heartland Romance Authors YA category of their Show me the Spark contest!  I’m so excited because this was my first real contest entry.  A huge congrats to the other finalists !