Are you serious? No. Actually, I’m not…

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I swore to myself I was going to blog every Monday.


Gonna do it.

So here goes.  It’s a weird kind 0f day.  Maybe it’s the rain.  It’s only, like, the twelfth day in a row it’s rained.  We’ve always wanted a pool.  Now we have an indoor one in the basement…Yeah.

So anyway, I don’t know why, but I woke up with this scene  from Super Troopers stuck in my head.  It’s awesome and it’ll make you laugh.  And if your reality is as overcast and soggy as mine is this morning, you need it!


Recently, I joined the awesome team over at YA Fusion.    My first post went live yesterday.

Organic–it’s not just for veggies anymore

If you have time, leave a comment and show some love.  And be sure to check out my blog mates while your there.  They’re full of some serious YA ass-kicking-win!

With a semi-serious post yesterday, I’m going to cheat today.  I’m going to post something I wrote years ago.  Don’t get too excited.  It’s nothing serious or of the contemplate the meaning of life variety.

There once was a little black bird
The noise that he made was absurd
Then one day out into the road he did roam
And now he will never be going back home
For he hopped out in front of a passing Mac truck
Now to the pavement he is forever stuck
I in no way support any type of animal abuse nor do I take pleasure in the pain and suffering of any living thing.  In fact, I tend to pick up strays where ever I go (House full of large, spoiled, adopted dogs)  The above post is the result of sleepless nights and is meant for comedic purposes only.




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  1. There once was a writer named Jus,
    Who only would travel by bus.
    They tried and they tried,
    and she cried and she cried
    Who knew flying could be such a fuss?

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